Common Terminology

Term definitions to help you navigate Truth Social and understand the lingo.


  • Block

    Block is a feature that allows you to permanently stop a user from searching, viewing, or interacting with your account. This is a reversible action.

  • Display Name

    Your display name is the header name that appears at the top of your profile.

  • Follow Or Unfollow

    When you follow an account you are subscribing to see the content that account posts so that you will see it in your Home Feed.

    When you unfollow an account you are unsubscribing to the content that account posts so that you will not see it in your Home Feed.

  • Followers

    Followers are the users that have subscribed to see the content on your account.

  • Following

    Following is a list of users that you have subscribed to.

  • Handle Or Username

    Your handle/username is the unique link to your profile. Your handle is specific to you and connects only to your page. It is followed by the '@' symbol.

  • Home Feed

    Your Home Feed is a compilation of content from the accounts you are following. You will see what they say, the images and videos they share, and other accounts whose contents they ReTruth.

  • Like

    A like is feature to show interest or support of a Truth. While using Truth Social, if you see a Truth that you find interesting, you can like it by tapping on the heart icon.

  • Mute

    Mute is a feature where you can opt out of seeing content from a specific account without unfollowing them. Their content will not be visible in your Home Feed if they are muted. That user will still be able to search and view your account. This is a reversible action.

  • ReTruth

    A ReTruth is a re-post of a Truth. Users can ReTruth their own posts as well as others’. When a user ReTruths a Truth, the ReTruthed post is shared with the user’s followers and will be marked in the feed as a “ReTruth.”

  • Shadow Banning

    Shadow banning is a deceptive and manipulative practice whereby a social media platform artificially limits the visibility of a user’s posts without the user’s awareness. Shadow banning is a practice often used by Big Tech social media platforms to effectively censor users who question prevailing narratives or hold disfavored political viewpoints. Unlike its Big Tech competitors, Truth Social does not, and never will, shadow ban its users.

  • Suggested Accounts

    Suggested accounts are accounts we recommend that we think appeal to you.

  • Truth

    A Truth is a post that you share to those following you. A Truth can be a comment, image, or video and can contain links to other content. Using Truths on Truth Social you can share your thoughts, photos, videos, memes, links, and more. You’ll quickly get the hang of it!