Questions on followers and following?

Answers to questions you may have as your numbers grow

1. How many accounts can I follow on Truth Social?

Truth Social users can follow a maximum of 10,000 accounts (and no more than 250 accounts per day).

Unlike our competitors, Truth Social is committed to growing a community of real users and authentic interactions. Part of this process is helping our users have the best possible social media experience and use Truth Social in a way that encourages genuine relationships.

In addition to helping users better curate their feeds, the "following" maximum serves as a strategy to help us identify and remove bot accounts from Truth Social. Bot accounts often follow as many profiles as possible to artificially cultivate a mass following. From there, bots are better positioned to launch spam attacks that negatively impact countless Truth Social users. The "following" ceiling helps make it more difficult for bots to impersonate genuine people and hide in plain sight.

2. Is there a maximum number of followers I can have?

No, all Truth Social users have no limit to the number of followers they can have.

3. I posted a Truth, but it has not received any engagement. Am I being shadow banned?

No, Truth Social does NOT shadow ban any of our users. Period.

If your followers are following thousands of profiles, then your Truth was likely not seen by your followers because Truth Social uses a chronological feed.

4. What does a “chronological feed” mean?

A chronological feed means that all Truths from users you follow appear in your feed in the order they were posted. Unlike our competitors, Truth Social does not use algorithms to determine which Truths appear and which do not appear in your feed. Thus, the more people you follow, the more likely you are to miss some Truths in your feed. So, follow only profiles you are genuinely interested in following!

5. What's the best way for me to grow my followers count?

When you engage with other accounts, create content, and add value to larger conversations, followers will come organically.