Community Guidelines

Last Updated: 03/04/2022

Our Guidelines regulate your connection with and use of TRUTH Social, in addition to your accessibility to our products and services. By accessing TRUTH Social, you consent to these terms. These Guidelines are developed to promote productive, civil discussion among individuals with varying interests, experiences as well different points of view.

Our objective is to offer all users an inviting, nonpartisan “Big Tent” of ideas. Our objective is and will always be to provide a social platform in the spirit of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution – a digital public square for free thinking and sharing ideas freely.

Our preference is that the removal of users or user-provided content be kept to the absolute minimum. Our preference is to leave choices regarding what is seen and who is heard to each individual person. In no instance will TRUTH Social determine what content will be removed or filtered, or whose account will be eliminated, on the basis of the point of view shared within the content at issue. TRUTH Social's policies are, to use a popular concept in First Amendment law, viewpoint-neutral and fully inclusive.

We do not artificially marshal your feed, nor do we pretend to be qualified to do so. Our team believes only you are qualified to monitor your feed, therefore we offer you the tools you need to do it on your own. TRUTH Social provides a variety of features and functions – including the ability to mute or block other users, or to mute or block all comments containing terms of your choice – and we encourage you to use these tools whenever you wish to control your content.

At TRUTH Social, we're committed to continuously improving to meet our goals. Accordingly, these Guidelines are subject to modification or updating, unilaterally by TRUTH Social, at any time.


TRUTH Social will not be used as a tool for crime or any other unlawful acts. We will remove reported user content that we believe constitutes or evidences such activity. If you use TRUTH Social in this way, we will delete your account.

The law requires us to exclude offensive content or privacy violations from our platforms. Examples of this are as follows: content posted by or on behalf of terrorist organizations, intellectual property theft, child sexual abuse material, or content that breaches privacy rights of others (such as doxxing). Doxxing – i.e., the sharing of an individual’s private information without their permission or consent, as well as threatening to share or expose an individual’s private information – is a breach of an individual’s right to privacy and is not permitted. Sharing private information can pose serious safety and security risks for those affected and can lead to physical, emotional, and financial hardship.

Even when the law may not require us to moderate something, or to ban a user, we reserve the right to do so to prevent our services from being used by someone carrying out a crime or civil tort – especially when these interfere with our goal of providing a welcoming platform. Examples include fraud, criminal solicitation, and nuisance. TRUTH Social allows the posting of “Not Safe for Work” and “trolling” content, though we provide a double-filter system to ensure this content is not viewed by those who choose not to see it.

Reasons for Reporting as to Content:

  1. Illegal activity and behavior: content that depicts illegal or criminal acts.
  2. Fraud: content that contains misrepresentations about a business or its goods and services or impersonates another person or business.
  3. Nudity: sexually explicit or nude content or pornography.
  4. Violence: content that depicts violence or threats of violence.
  5. Underage content: sexually explicit content involving underage children.
  6. Prostitution: solicitation or advertising for illegal sexual activity or sex for hire.
  7. Counterfeit or illegal sale of goods or services: sale of merchandise or services that are counterfeit, not authentic, or fake goods.
  8. Privacy violations: violate or post content that violates a person’s privacy rights.
  9. Illegal sale of goods and services: sale of or promotion of illegal drugs or services. 10.Intellectual Property: posting or infringing on intellectual property rights without authorization. 11.Doxxing: sharing or threatening to share the private information of an individual without their consent or breach of privacy rights of others.


Posting Spam or using bots on TRUTH Social are not conducive or productive to discourse on our platform. It is not fair to our users, influencers, and creators who have worked hard to create content and build a following. Our mute and block features are satisfactory to address the problem with Spam. We reserve the right at TRUTH Social to remove the accounts of those engaging in this behavior.

Reasons for Reporting as to Account:

  1. Spam: Fraudulent content, phishing, or content that is spam or a bot.
  2. Username Squatting or fake accounts: improper use of username/account to masquerade as someone else.
  3. Unauthorized or Impersonator Accounts: account impersonating another person or entity that is not a parody.
  4. Intellectual Property: Account name or entity infringes on intellectual property

Updated: 3.04.2022